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Andreas Pepas is the director of Pro- Rank. He has been successfully implementing Web Design, SEO and Google Adwords for companies in South Africa for more than 10 years.
Top SEO targets small to medium sized businesses. We offer a wide range of affordable packages to give small businesses a fighting chance. We use the most up to date SEO online and we comply with latest Google algorithm updates. The only difference between us and expensive SEO companies in Johannesburg is our price is MUCH lower then theirs.

We provide our clients with monthly reports of our SEO strategy as well as their progress in the search engines. These reports list the time and date we placed our links, the anchor text associated with the links, the IP address we used to place these links,the type of websites we targeted and the Page Rank of these websites.
We provide a reliable customer care service, clients can contact us at any time for any questions regarding online marketing or SEO. We take less then 12 hours to respond to all emails and we are always friendly as well as professional.

We are always happy to meet with potential clients in their workplace and further explain our services, this only applies in Johannesburg. We want to assure you that you are getting the best quality services for the lowest prices.
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