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22 May 2019

WordPress Is The Way To Go For SEO


Google has favored the WordPress platform for multiple reasons. This article will explain the key points of why every website should adopt the WordPress platform.

Blogging Features

WordPress is a blogging platform which allows people to update their website with content on a regular basis. Google loves new content, and by continuously updating your blog with unique and insightful information will improve your ranking position on Google. If your articles are well written and contain valuable information, there is a good chance they will end up on Page 1 of Google for long-tail keywords.

Plugin Features

WordPress has thousands of Free and Paid plugins which help improve your website in all aspects. Plugins are Add-Ons to your website which you can easily download from your WordPress Admin. These Add-Ons have SEO plugins which help users easily configure the Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions of their web-pages without having to alter the HTML code. There are available XML sitemaps which assist Google in crawling and understanding the structure of your website. This helps your overall SEO score.

Mobile Features

More people are using their mobile phones to search for information, products, and services on Google. Websites that are not mobile friendly do not provide an easy and quick mobile experience for the user. Google has announced that websites on Page 1 of Google that do not offer a Mobile Friendly alternative will drop off Google and lose their ranking position. WordPress caters for mobile responsiveness which means it can be displayed on all types of screens, regardless of the size.


Yoast SEO Plugin

This plugin allows you to update your Meta Data Easily, and provides SEO recommendations on how to optimize each page accordingly.

Google XML Sitemap

This plugin allows your to install an XML sitemap on your website. XML sitemaps provides Google with the structure of your website so it can be easily indexed.

Broken Link Checker

Google dislike websites with broken links. The Broken Link Checker identifies links that are not working on your website so you can easily change or remove them.


Google will blacklist websites with viruses and malware. This means your ranking position will be dropped if your website doesn’t offer protection. Wordfence is the number 1 security plugin and its Free to use.


WordPress is the number 1 websites platform for SEO. It is highly recommended businesses starting their online marketing campaign should start with a WordPress website. Changing platforms can be time consuming and expensive. For people who do not know WordPress, you can find tutorials on how to create a website with WordPress. There is also alternative software which allows you to build professional pages without possessing much knowledge on WordPress.
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