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October 1, 2021

Why Flash in Not Good For SEO


Beauty is not always a selling point. Many clients want more Flash on their websites. These graphic animations are attractive and more eye-catching. Many web design companies will try to convince clients that Flash sites sell. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the irony of Flash sites is that while they may look great, they can be detrimental to your site's ability to generate income.

Flash is a software program that can create cool animations and special effects to enhance your website's appearance. Flash elements are sometimes included on websites, and you might also see Flash-free websites. Common business sense suggests that Flash should not be used on your website.



Flash slows down your website: Flash-oriented websites can take a while to download. Despite the existence of broadband and DSL users, you can't deny the fact that many people still use dial-up connections. It is easy to imagine how frustrating it will be for prospects and everyone else when the site takes too long to load. This is purely due to Flash animation. Do not listen to designers who claim they can speed up the download process by making Flash animations appear in chunks. You will need to wait for the file to open each time you click on a button or navigate to another area of the website. This will only make the problem worse. It will be worth it to go to a less flashy, more boring site.


Please, no Flash intros! Flash intros are like a curtain-raiser to the main site. These intros can be annoying and most people will try to skip them to access the main website content. Sometimes, there is no skip intro button. This causes people to skip the website. Flash intros are only useful if you have a large business and don't mind making your website look more glamorous.


What happened to the content Flash design is the foundation of Flash websites. This means that your website will have less content. Web business is based on content. Flash animations and cool designs are just peripherals. You can't live without them. The content is what makes your web business unique.


Flash is not preferred by search engines: Search engines that bring you business will not recommend Flash sites. You must program the Flash file to make it play. Search engines can't deduce or read the contents of this Flash file, which is why they don't index your site. Search engines will ignore Flash websites that are well-made. Only content-rich text with relevant keywords and phrases will allow you to survive in the seas of search engine rankings. This will ensure that you are on the first four to five pages of search engines.


Search engine optimization refers to building pages that are friendly to search engines, but also user-friendly for the general public. Flash animation and graphics can be used in the right places on a website, but they should not exceed the HTML content.

Search engine programs or spiders can only do two things: read HTML code and search for text. They ignore non-HTML codes. Search engines categorize pages based on text and not images. Before researching keywords and rewriting your copy, an SEO professional will first examine your website code. The chances of your web page ranking in search engines will be negligible if it is filled with Flash animations, graphics, JavaScript, and other razz ma-Tazz. Your site will not be found by search engines, and the spiders won't even add it to the search results pages.

It is important to remember that not all Internet users have Flash installed and cannot view your work. Some people are reluctant to download Flash software. Others are not familiar with Flash. If you don't want to lose your business, avoid investing in Flash sites. Your goldmine is text and content. Create a simple HTML website. Your links should be in text form. No JavaScript or drop-down menus are required. Search engines have begun to impose penalties to prevent traffic blocking and accessibility laws from being broken. You should not manipulate search engines. Instead, try to create a website that is compatible with search engines and not against them. Search engines are not going to take a picture for a thousand words.

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