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May 13, 2021

Why Does SEO Take Long To Work


This article will discuss why Search Engine Optimization takes a long time to work and how to spot safe, white hat SEO practices. 


SEO is a complicated business. Many SEO companies in South Africa do not know how to implement safe and effective SEO techniques. The main issue is that the individuals and companies pay for monthly SEO and receive old SEO that can be harmful to their ranking position. Because nobody is well informed about SEO, and the process takes a long time to work, nobody can be sure their SEO provider is practicing the right strategies. 


Google have to assess every website it wants to place on their search engine. Because there are so many Spam sites uploaded daily, Google requires time to determine which websites are legitimate. Newer websites are placed in a Google Sandbox which does not allow the website to rank after several months.

There are two things you must do to prove your value to Google.

1. Construct A High-Quality Site 

2. Build Links to Trusted Websites online.


1. Construct a High-Quality Site

Websites with lots of web pages, information, and articles always will be valued by Google. Your website information must be unique and contain the correct grammar and spelling. It's also essential your user navigates your website with ease, as frustrated users do not hang around, and Google will determine how well your website interacted with the website user. 

2. Build Links To Trusted Websites Online

When multiple high-quality sites accept your website link, it shows Google that you are a legitimate website that offers good quality content, services, and products. To do this, you need to consistently link to other websites online for a long duration of time. SEO is not like Google Ads that delivers instant traffic to your website. It requires time and strategy.

SEO can take between 3-12 months to work before an individual starts to see good progress on the top search engines online. The competition of keywords calculates the time. The more websites are competing for specific keywords, the longer it will take your website to rank on the first page of Google. The fewer websites are competing for keywords, the quicker the SEO process.

It's also important to know which keywords to target. For instance, if you a professional plumbing company, ranking for the keyword "Plumber" will take longer to rank, and in some cases, it is not worth targeting. You should first target keywords with your city location added to the keyword. For instance, a plumbing company situated in Johannesburg should target this keyword"- "Plumbers Johannesburg." This keyword is exceptionally targeted and will receive lots of monthly searches. 


There are three types of SEO that SEO agencies provide: 

1. White Hat SEO
2. Black Hat SEO
3. Gray Hat SEO


White Hat SEO is the correct means of implementing SEO. Here are several clues to discover this type of SEO service. 

A. High-Quality Articles

Your website link must be tied to a high-quality article. Poor quality articles reflect poorly on your website and must be avoided at all costs.

B. High-Quality Sites

Your website link must be placed on high-quality sites. If your website links are found on poor quality sites, your ranking positions will drop.

C. Number of Links

Your SEO provider must build the correct amount of links. The average amount should be between 50-300 links per month. Having thousands of links in one month is highly dodgy.


Black Hat SEO is the frowned-upon method of implementing SEO. Black Hat SEO gets you ranked quickly, which is unnatural and can end up getting your website banned off Google Search. Here are some valuable tips on how to identify Black Hat SEO.

A. Poor Quality Articles

Black Hat SEO entails the use of poor-quality articles associated with your website link. It's pretty easy to identify poor-quality articles, as they do not make sense and contain multiple grammatical errors.

B. Poor Quality Sites

Black Hat SEO targets a wide variety of poorly constructed sites. Poorly constructed sites contain lousy content. Your website should also not link to casino and porn sites. 

C. Number of Links

Black Hat SEO consists of building links in abundance. If you see your website receives thousands of links within the first month, that is a bad sign.


Gray Hat SEO is the mix of White Hat SEO with Black Hat SEO to stay clear fGoogle'sle's radar. 

1. Spun Content

The spun content is the re-organization of words to make the articles appear unique. Spun articles can make sense, but you will always encounter a sentence or two that makes absolutely no sense.

2. Mix of High and Low-Quality Sites

Gray Hat SEO targets high and low-quality sites. To check the status of a website, it's essential to know the DA, PA and Spam Score. High DA and Low Spam Scores are ideal.

3. Number of links

Gray Hat SEO also builds a large number of links. They can also use automated programs that do the link building for you. If Google discovers the program, your website will be penalized.


To fully understand the effectiveness of your SEO campaign, you must request a list of websites your SEO provider has placed your website link on. Here you will discover what type of SEO is being practiced. If the SEO company does not supply you with the website list, you will never know what kind of SEO is being carried out. 
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