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28 February 2019

Website Loading Speed For SEO


Website Loading Speed refers to the amount of time it takes your website to load on a users device. Statistics point out that one or two seconds delay can play a massive role in how a user interacts with your website. It is an important factor to consider when marketing your website as it can:

1. Negatively affect your ranking position on Google 
2. Frustrate users from browsing your website.
3. Decrease your conversion rate

In this article, we will provide useful information to test your website speed plus offer vital recommendations on how to improve your websites loading time.


There are several companies that provide free speed tests for websites. My recommendation is to use Google Page Speed Tester:

If you received a score of 49% and less, you will have to make several adjustments to increase your score. Here are several ways of increasing your websites loading speed.

Hosting Company

Its important to use a reputable and professional hosting company for your website. The reason is hosting companies that offer poor quality servers can effect all apspects of your online marketing. If people click your ad on Google and your website is offline, you will lose a potential sale, and Google will not rank your website on Page 1, even if you have had the best SEO Experts work on your site.


Using high resolution images can slow down the time a web page downloads. Cutting the size of the image while maintaining the quality is the ideal solution. Here is a website that allows you to reduce an image size:

Browser Cache

This is essential for people returning to your website. The process allows images, java files and css to be stored on the users browser. When the user returns, the website downloads your website with lightning speed. If you own a WordPress website, you can download this plugin to enable this feature.

W3 Total Cache

Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins provide great value for our websites. The only problem with having plugins is if you have too many plugins installed, it will slow down your website loading time. Remove any plugins your website doesn’t require and it will increase your loading speed.

Website Theme

Website themes with lots of coding could be the primary reason for your slow website loading speeds. Javascript and CSS incorporated into themes increase the file size of the theme. In order to test the speed of your theme, visit this website-


The listed recommendations can be implemented by people with limited knowledge on WordPress. If you do not have any experience with WordPress, please forward the following suggestions to your web designer.
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