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June 11, 2021

Video Marketing Basics, Benefits and Downsides



Video marketing has become one of the most effective forms of marketing online. Many internet marketers utilize video marketing to increase their conversion rate. This article will discuss the benefits and downsides of video marketing. 


Video Marketing is the means of promoting your products and services through an engaging video. The video can be presented in multiple ways; these include:

1. Product Demonstration
2. Service Demonstration
3. Customer Testimonials
4. Company Culture 
5. Explainer Videos


1. Product Demonstration

It involves demonstrating the perks of using a specific product and how it can benefit a person's life.

2. Service Demonstration

It involves portraying valuable and reliable services and allows your audience to see just how the services are carried out.

3. Customer Testimonials

Having real people discuss your product positively can have a significant impact in creating trust with your audience. 

4. Company Culture

The sole purpose of company culture is to promote the overall brand of your website without having to market and promote your products or services.

5. Explainer Videos

Several products and services require an explanation video. Engaging with your audience face to face is a compelling video marketing solution.


1. Influence The Buyers Decision

According to Forbes magazine, it is estimated that more than 90% of people make better buying decisions when presented with video. It is becoming essential that videos play a significant role in the success of online marketing campaigns.

2. Creates Trust

When people see other people online, it creates a great deal of trust. Video marketing has the potential to convert your traffic simply because a real person is engaging the audience on a personal level.

3. Higher Search Engine Positions

Websites with engaging videos will decrease the website's bounce rate. The bounce rate is a metric used by Google to determine the value of content on a website, based on the amount of time a user spends on a website. Videos keep people engaged longer, which indicates to Google that your website's content offers value, which will help your SEO.

4. Increased Traffic and Sales

Videos uploaded to Youtube can drive a lot of traffic to your website. If the video is optimized correctly and provides excellent content and value, you could drive lots of Youtube traffic to your website by ranking high in the Youtube results.

5. Improved Backlink Profile

Everyone knows ranking high on search engines requires lots of links from high-quality and trusted websites online. Youtube is one of the most trusted websites on the internet today; receiving a link from Youtube will improve your Backlink profile as well as your organic position on search engines.

6. Videos Are Easier

People are more likely to share videos than share website resources. Videos require minimal action from the engaged user and require their full attention. People prefer watching an explanation video to digging for information on a website.

7. Social Media Shares

Popular social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are often used to share videos. Popular videos can go viral on social media networks, which is a powerful option to reach hundreds and thousands of users online.

8. No Hosting Costs

One of the most impressive features of videos is hosting the video on the Youtube servers. It means you will not be required to pay for the hosting of your video, unlike websites that require monthly hosting plans.


1. Costly in Creation

When video editors create your video from scratch, it can be rather expensive. There are affordable options available, but you may need to employ professional video creators to create compelling and influential videos.

2. Long Videos Lose Interest

Videos need to be short, sweet, and straight to the point. Studies have shown 20% of people leave a video within the first 10 seconds. Time is a crucial component to the success of a video. Youtube videos should be less than 30 seconds long for them to be successful.

3. Learning Video Marketing

Learning video marketing is not a simple process. It's a whole new skill set and requires a lot of time and attention to master. Most people in this day and age do not have the time to sit and learn video editing and marketing.


Video marketing is the ideal solution to improve the conversion rate of your products and services. Conversion rate is the process whereby a website user takes action. This action can be one of many things, such as purchasing, signup, or even an inquiry.
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