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20 March 2019

Types of Marketing on Google Adwords


Google Adwords is Google’s paid advertising campaign . Its main purpose is to connect businesses with potential clients through adverts on its different platforms.

These Platforms Include:

• Google Ads Search

• Google Ads Display

• Google Ads Shopping

• Google Ads Mobile

• Google Ads Video


What are Google Search Ads?

These are text adverts that appear on Google’s search engine. These ads are normally displayed on the Top Results of a search query with a green text “Ad” just on the left of the advert.

Who Should Use These Ads?

Google Search is ideal for businesses who offer services such as plumbers, electricians, tutors and locksmiths.

Advert Benefits

These text ads have different types of extensions associated with them. These extensions provide the following:

Phone Extension

Phone Extension is a phone number added next to the advert so the potential client can contact the business directly.

Message Extension

The Message Extension allows a client to message a business directly from the advert.

Callout Extension

The Callout Extension highlights the benefits of the business such as Free Quotes or 30-day money back guaranteen.

Structured Snippet

The Structured Snippet points out key elements of what the business has to offer.

Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Extensions allows adverts to list text links that lead to different pages of a website.

Price Extensions

Price Extensions allows adverts to display prices, ideal for businesses who offer competitive rates.

Promotional Extensions

Promotional Extensions provide discounted rates for a specific period of time to promote more sales or services.


What are Google Display Ads?

Display Ads are banner, video and text adverts that appear on partner websites of Google. Google have a million partner websites you can showcase your Advert on.

Who Should Use These Ads?

Display Ads can reach 90% of internet users in the world. It advertises your Ad on websites which are relative to your business to increase your chances of sales and inquiries. Its an alternative to Google Search Ads and can be used by businesses looking to promote their products and services.

Advert Benefits

Banner Ad Creation

Display Ads provide necessary programs to build appealing and professional banner adverts. You do not need to hire a graphic designer to create your ads, as you can do it yourself.


One of its main features is remarketing. Remarketing allows you to target website users who previously visited your website. Its powerful as remarketing creates trust to your website users by targeting them at a later stage, preferably with a better offer.

Flexible Targeting

Display Ads provides you with flexible targeting options. You can target websites in certain categories or specific websites available to you.


What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads appear at the top and the side of search results with a Title, Image and Price of a product.

Who Should Use These Ads

Google Shopping Ads are perfect for businesses or companies looking to sell their products online.

Advert Benefits

Google Shopping Ads have a high conversion rate when it comes to selling products online. Potential customers have a good idea of what a product is about before clicking into it. Shopping Ads have the following attributes:


This is the title of the product being promoted.


This is a image of the product being sold.


This is the price of the product displayed.


What are Google Mobile Ads?

Google Mobile Ads are adverts that appear on your mobile phone on Google search. The number of mobile users are rapidly increasing as more and more people look to their phones for answers.

Who Should Use These Ads?

Businesses looking to target mobile users specifically, as well as companies looking to promote their mobile apps online.

Advert Benefits

Mobile Ads are a great way to target individuals who are located nearby your store. They are also ideal for companies looking to promote their mobile apps to create customer loyalty. Mobile App ads provide the following advantgaes:

Call Extension

Google Mobile ads allow users to call businesses directly from their advert. This makes it quick and easy as you do not have to copy and paste the desired number into your phone, as you can simply click the “Call Button” and speak to a consultant.

Location Extension

Google Mobile ads allow users to find your physical store with location extensions. Location extensions provide Google Maps directions so potential clients can easily find your store.

App Downloads and Purchases

Google Mobile ads provide a great way for clients to download your application directly from Google. You only pay once a user downloads or purchases an item on your app.


What are Google Video Ads?

Google Video Ads are displayed before or during videos you view on Youtube. You normally have the option of skipping a video, however, you may have to watch the entire video, depending on the goal of the advertiser.

Who Should Use These Ads?

Companies looking to promote their products and services through videos.

Advert Benefits

Speaking directly to your audience with the right visual and audio influence can impact your sales and services greatly. Promoting your brand on Youtube is a powerful option as it provides the following benefits:

Pay Only When Viewed

You pay once your video advert has played for longer then 30 seconds, or a user has interacted with your advert elements (Eg- Clicking on your website link).


When it comes to online marketing, faces create trust. Speaking to your audience through video can positively influence conversions and sales.


Google Adwords is a powerful marketing tool with multiple marketing platforms to advertise your business online. One of its most impressive features is conversion tracking. Conversion tracking tracks how a user converted into an inquiry or sale, by tracing the path the user took to take this action. Google will then target users with the same behaviour pattern in order to increase your conversions.
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