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April 27, 2021

The Two Types of SEO Analysis


A SEO Analysis is a detailed report of the SEO optimization and backlink profile of your website. SEO Analysis are important as they provide vital information on how to improve your position for targeted keywords on Google. The SEO Analysis can include the following pointers:


Meta Titles

These are titles displayed on search engines. They should include:

1. Name of Your Company
2.Primary Keyword
3.Location of your business

Length: Meta Titles should be less than 66 characters long, and this includes spaces.

Meta Description

These are description displayed on search engines: They should include:

1. Secondary Keywords

Length: Meta Descriptions should be less than 250 characters long, including spaces.

Content Recommendations

This includes adding and improving the content displayed on your website. Content consists of two parts:

A.Written Information

Written Information

This is one of the most important On-Page SEO factors. Its important to fill your website with lots of interesting information. Articles should not contain any grammar or spelling errors, and must be clear and interesting. Its important to include your primary and secondary keyword in your articles naturally. Do not repeat too often as you may get your website red flagged for keyword spamming.


Media consists of images and videos mainly. Google dislike blocks of text, and prefer websites which provide high quality images and videos. Make your website is filled with relevant images and videos.

Alt Attribute

The Alt attribute is important for SEO. The Alt Attribute was created to describe a picture on a browser that never supported the picture format, thus not being able to display the picture, the alt attribute replaces the picture with a small description of text.


Pictures can deliver traffic from Google Images, its important to place important keywords in your Alt Attribute. This could possibly rank your image with time, and obtain traffic to your website.

Content Duplication

Every website should have its own unique content to rank well on search engines. Copying information from another website can result in the following:

1.Copyright infringement
2.Duplicate Content

Copyright infringement is punishable by law while duplicate content is penalized by Google. Websites that contain duplicate content do not rank high on Google. You must either re-write the information yourself, or pay a professional writer to do this for you.

Mobile Friendly Test

Websites must provide an alternative interface for the users mobile experience. Websites that fail to comply with the mobile-friendly guidelines will not rank on Google. Google are all about the users web experience, websites that do not offer a mobile friendly interface will not feature high on Google.

SSL Certificate

Websites need to protect their arriving users by utilizing an SSL Certificate. SSL certificates protect web users from having private or personal details from being intercepted. These details can include home address, contact numbers, email addresses or even credit card details.

Website Age

The age of a website is important factor for SEO. Older websites have more authority and trust, and therefore will reach Page 1 of Google quicker than a newer website. Brand new websites are the least trusted sites, and take longer to create trust and reach page 1 of Google.


What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are websites that link back to your website. They can link back to your website through a
URL, anchor text or image.

URL are actually IP addresses coated with names to make it easier to remember a website name.


Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are keywords, phrases or words in the form of a link. When the hyperlink is clicked, the user will be taken to the destined site.

EG. SEO company


Image links are clickable links which direct users to the destined site.

Why are backlinks important?

Google examine your backlink profile and determine the online popularity of your website by the quality of links and number of links pointing to your website. Linking from multiple, trusted websites will improve your ranking position. Linking from poor quality sites will hurt your ranking position.

What are bad links?

Bad links should be removed if they are pointing to your site. Bad links consists of poorly constructed sites that offer low quality information. Its also important Not to link from the following sites:

1.Casino Sites
2.Porn Sites
3.illegal Sites

If you find your website links from these types of websites, you should hire a professional link removal expert to identify and eliminate these link types.
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