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June 15, 2021

The Evolution of SEO


Search engine optimization has been evolving from the start of the internet. SEO is a tricky industry, as implementing previous SEO strategies has become redundant over time due to the algorithm updates implemented by Google. Google is constantly improving its systems to return the most appropriate websites upon a user search. 

This means they are making constant changes to their systems, and SEO experts need to comply with these system updates if they wish to practice effective Search Engine Optimization. This article will discuss the evolution process of Google and highlight the most important aspects of SEO.


SEO is not a complicated process, but it does require a great deal of practice, understanding, and implementation. There are two issues concerning SEO:

1. Finding a reputable SEO expert to do your SEO work properly
2. Learning SEO yourself

1. Reputable SEO Expert

Most people know very little when it comes to SEO. Trusting an SEO company to deliver results has become a significant concern in the online world today. Many web design companies claim to know SEO but only know the basics. Basic SEO will not rank your website on the first page of Google, especially in competitive markets. 

The other problem is SEO companies practicing old SEO techniques. Ancient SEO techniques can hurt your rankings rather than help them. Many SEO companies found great success with previous strategies and continue to stick to these strategies. This ends up wasting money and time, as well as upset the existing client.

2. Learning SEO

To become a highly qualified SEO Expert, you need to complete several SEO courses and make sure the techniques you learned work well. The only way to implement safe, White Hat SEO is through trial and error. SEO takes time to work; you can expect page 1 rankings in 6 months. If the market is competitive, it can take up to one year before you start seeing positive results which deliver targeted traffic to your website. 

You also need to consider minor and major updates that constantly haunt SEO professionals to change their strategies. Learning SEO can be beneficial if you have time to practice. If you have a business to look after, it's essential to recognize that it will be safer and more effective to use SEO specialists.



Olden Days

In the olden days, SEO was pretty straightforward. All you needed to do was acquire a backlink from any website available online. A backlink is whereby another website will have your website link presented on their site. The more websites that kept your website link, the better your SEO rankings. Websites with thousands of backlinks pointing to them usually had the top positions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All you had to do is to link to any type of website online.


These days, the quality of the backlink is essential. Google wants websites to link to each other in similar categories. Obtaining a link from a website in the same industry as your website is extremely powerful. The main issue here is that no one wants to link to their competition, so it's difficult to gain these types of links. The trick to building these types of links is to target businesses that complement your business. For instance, a web design company can place its link on an SEO company's site or a Social Media Marketing site. Both these categories fall under internet marketing, so the link will obtain good ranking points.


Olden Days

Old SEO techniques do not rely on the quality of a website. Whether a website was constructed with poor content or great content, the link was what mattered. Poor quality websites usually contained the following:

1. Little or no information
2. Poor Information
3. Duplicate Content
4. Spun Content


In today's SEO world, it's vital to link to high-quality sites. High-quality typically have High DA and Low Spam Scores.

1. High DA

DA stands for Domain Authority. The higher the domain authority, the sweeter the link. Google greatly trusts high DA sites, and linking from these types of sites makes your site more trustworthy in the eyes of Google.

2. SPAM score

Websites that have High Spam scores must be avoided at all costs. Linking to High Spam sites is bad SEO practice. If you link from many high spam score sites, you better believe Google won't be impressed, and that will reflect on your organic rankings. 


Olden Days

Building links back in the day didn't require consistency; if you received a thousand links in one month and a few the next month, it wouldn't make a difference. The critical thing to consider was linking from as many sites as possible without an approach or plan. 

These Days

These days, SEO campaigns need to be approached with a specific plan in mind. You should acquire the average amount of links per month. Do not build too many links in the beginning, as this will appear unnatural. You have to build links slowly and consistently for multiple months.


Olden Days

As mentioned above, building links was the most crucial part of SEO. If your link came from 1000 directories or profiles, your website still ranked well. You could only have one type of link pointing to your site, and you were golden.

These Days

SEO campaigns need to target all types of websites; these include:

1. Web 2.0
2. Directories
3. Forums
4. Social Media Networks
5. Article Sharing Sites
6. Wiki Sites

Linking from only one type of website will get your website red-flagged by Google. Make sure you include all these types of sites when building links.


Olden Days

Back in the day, you could use the same anchor text as your backlink profile. Anchor text is the text displayed on the presented link. With SEO, if you had the same keyword in your anchor text, it was highly beneficial. 

These Days

Today, you need to have multiple anchor text variations in the SEO world and only use 2-3 percent of your primary keyword. You could use more than 50 percent of anchor text in the olden days, and this would be great. These days, your website will be banned off Google, so make sure you implement a calculated SEO strategy and do not forget to include all types of anchor texts such as:

1. Website URL's
2. Branded Keywords
3. Primary Keyword
4. Secondary Keywords
5. Image URL's
6. Generic keywords (Click here, read more, learn now)
7. Partial Match Keywords
Now that you are aware of the evolution of SEO and the latest and most effective SEO strategies implemented today, you will be able to find a reputable SEO provider or learn the skill on your own.
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