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August 18, 2021

The Difference Between White Hat & Black Hat SEO


SEO is an essential part of online success. It can be challenging to find a reliable and professional SEO provider. Most people don't know the difference between black hat and white hat SEO. These articles will help you understand the differences between them, knowing which option is best for you.



White Hat SEO is the proper way to apply Search Engine Optimization. White Hat SEO's most attractive feature is its ability to deliver long-lasting results. The White Hat process can take six months to produce results. Although the process can take a while, you will see results over time. White Hat SEO's main drawback is its high price. White Hat SEO requires high-quality content to build links. Quality articles are expensive.


Black Hat SEO is illegal. Black Hat SEO produces quick results. This means that Black Hat SEO can be very beneficial in the short term and not the long time. Google eventually discovers these methods and removes the site from its search engine. The penalty could last for months or even a lifetime, depending on what Black Hat SEO was used. Black Hat SEO is much more affordable than White Hat SEO.


Here are some tips to help you identify White Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO is the practice of wrapping your website link with high-quality articles. How can you identify a high-quality article?

A. Article must make perfect sense

You must read all the articles provided by your SEO agency. While you should understand the first sentence, you must read the entire article.

B. The Articles are Relevant

SEO articles must be relevant to your industry. Articles should cover different aspects of your company, products, or services.

C. Correct Spelling and Grammar

Excellent grammar and spelling are essential for articles. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing don't like poorly written articles.
Ranking high on Google is dependent upon backlinks. To reap the benefits of backlinking, links must be created naturally and continuously. This is how to spot an excellent backlink.

A. Backlink Variation

Backlinks should be created from different websites, such as Web 2.0 sites, Directory Sites and Forums, Forums or PDF Submissions, Article Submissions sites, etc.

B. High DA Sites

SEO professionals know that it is crucial to link from high-quality websites. These websites have high Domain Authority as well as Page Authority. They also have a low Spam Score.

C. Anchor Text

Backlinks' anchor text is the link text that links to your website. The following should be included in the anchor text:

- Branded keywords
- URL Keywords
- Primary Keywords
- Secondary Keywords
- Image URL
- Keywords for Long-Tail Keywords
- Generic Keywords
- Partial Match Keywords

These anchor texts are a sign that intelligent and effective SEO has been applied.


These are some tips to help you identify Black Hat SEO.

Spun articles can be almost read depending on the article spinning program and the human quality or absence. However, most of the time, it is easy to spot the difference.

A. What are Spun Articles?

Spun Articles make old articles unique by turning almost every word into a new word so the article appears different from the original copy.

B.Computer Programs Doing the SEO

Google is against the automatic use of computer programs to do backlinking. Google will remove your website from its search engine if it detects that programs were used. 

How can you spot a program that is doing SEO?

A. High Number of Backlinks

Building backlinks takes time. Your SEO provider can be sure to use backlinking software if you receive a report with 1000 backlinks within a month.


Grey Hat SEO falls somewhere in between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Spun Content is an excellent example of Grey Hat SEO. It allows you to create links to high-quality websites. SEO professionals know that high-quality content is expensive, so they use Spun Content to build links.

Google can pick up Grey Hat SEO.

Both yes and no. Google's systems are constantly improving and updating, so Google algorithms are getting more innovative with each passing day. Grey Hat SEO techniques can be more difficult to flag, and many websites still implement Grey Hat SEO without being noticed.


White Hat SEO is the best way to improve your Google ranking. Companies often use grey Hat without sufficient funds to improve their ranking on Google. Long-term, White Hat SEO is the best. There's no reason to use Black Hat SEO. You could endanger your website's reputation in search engines.
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