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11 August 2020

SEO Versus Google Adwords


Many people today still do not know the difference between SEO and Google Adwords services. This article is going to explain the key differences between the two marketing types, as well as highlight important elements of each marketing platform.


SEO refers to the natural rankings of websites on Google. SEO listings are usually placed below Google Adword listings, and they normally posses longer headlines and descriptions. The most important part of SEO is the trust factor. For people who know the difference between SEO and Google Adwords, understand SEO earns the trust of search engines, as well as the trust of browsers.
Why Do People Trust SEO more Than Google Adwords?

1. To reach the first page of Google, the SEO process takes time and effort to rank keywords in high positions, the process is not quick or simple.

2. Websites which rank well organically, usually have had a long presence online. Google favor older websites more than newer websites as older websites have more experience.

3. Search Engines adhere by strict rules and regulations, having your website ranked high on Google, assures people you are following the necesary guidelines online.

4. SEO rankings depend on multiple factors, which are analyzed by complicated algorithms implemented by Google. In order to impress these algorithms, you need to meet high standards online.

Is SEO better than Google Adwords?

The main advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is once you ranking high organically, you can receive hundreds, if not thousands of website visitors for a set, fixed fee. This fee will be low compared to the great volumes of targeted traffic your website will receive.

The disadvantage of SEO is the process can take long before benefiting and seeing results on Google's search engine.


Google Adwords is Google's paid advertising platform. Each time your advert is clicked on Google, you will be required to pay a specific amount depending on the keyword you targeted. This amount can be from R1- R1000 per click, depending on the industry and competition. Google Adword Ads are normally placed on the Top Positons of Google and have the green word "Ad" placed to the left of it.
Why Is Google Adwords A Powerful Marketing Solution?

1. Google Adword adverts is usually presented first on the list when a user searches on Google's search engine. The top 4 listings take majority of Google's traffic according to statistics.

2. Google Adword adverts have add ons and extensions which makes adverts more appealing and engaging to users. You can call directly from your mobile on an Advert with Call Extensions.

3. Google Adwords allow machine learning and automation. Once your campaigns has exceeded 6 months with conversion tracking, you can set your campaign on automation.

4. Google Adwords allows campaigns to be extremely targeted as you can do the following:

- Audience Targeting- Targets specific groups of people based on age, income and parental status.

- Geographic Targeting- Targets specific geographic areas, such as suburbs, towns, cities and countries.

- Time Targeting- Displays adverts on specific days and time according to your settings.

- Flexible budgeting- Allows for small and large budgets, and campaigns can be paused at any time.

Is Google Adwords Better Than SEO?

The main advantage of Google Adwords is the number of amazing features and capabilites these adverts can provide. They are more attractive than SEO listings and they provide instant results. SEO takes time to work and is considered a long process.

The disadvantage of Google Adwords is the more money you have, the more traffic you can buy and the better positions you can rank on. Smaller businesses with limited budgets may not have the capital to invest in this form of marketing to compete online.


In order to achieve success online, it is recommended your business implements both forms of marketing. However, if you are working with a limited budget, it is recommended you start with Google Adwords first. The reason is SEO can take months before you start seeing positive results. Google Adwords provides instant results, and once your campaigns does well and you have extra money on the side, then you start with your SEO campaign.


One of the most vital aspects of online success is the appearance and construction of your website. Think of websites as your salesperson. Sales people need to look good, be informative and most importantly, create trust. Make sure your website is professional and meets the online standards before starting SEO or Google Adword campaigns, as getting traffic to your website is one part of the game, the other part is getting users to take action.
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