Websites that offer quality content, easy navigation and attractive multimedia have a great advantage in the search engines. Google have given great preference to well created and structured websites. For this reason, we make it our mission to help improve your website as it speeds up the SEO process and helps convert sales and customers.

Google’s systems have become so advanced that it can detect how a user interacts with your website. If the user cannot find his way around your website, you will lose ranking points. If the content placed onto your website has incorrect grammatical mistakes, Google will detect it and it will hurt your ranking positions.
We know exactly what the search engines want and our main aim is to get your website noticed and ranked high on page 1. Here are the main elements of a high quality website:

A. Well Written Content

B. Easy Navigation

C. Multimedia

D. Meta Title and Description Configuration
It is recommended you hire a professional writer to create the content on your website. Professional writers know how to keep your users engaged and they will present your services in a professional manner. It is also imperative to have a lot of content displayed on your web pages.

We suggest each page must have between 350- 600 words and you must have at least 6 web pages per website. Implementing these factors will assist with your rankings.
Navigation is an important part of websites and it is overlooked many times. You need to understand users do not have patience when it comes browsing search engines and websites. The primary goal of your website is for your website users to find what they are looking for in a short span of time.

Your navigation should include internal text links as well as horizontal and vertical navigational menus. The titles of your page should be short and straight to the point.
Content is important but nothing spells boring then arriving on a website without any images. People need to visualize your services or products, and the best way to promote this is through the use of images. Smart marketers know that trust is the most vital element when it comes to purchasing products or joining services online.

That is why you need to place your face onto your website as people will feel more willing to do business with you as good business is viewed on a personal level.
Many website developers do not install the correct meta information into your meta title and meta description. On the other end, many website designers spam your meta information which can lead to a search engine ban. This is known as keyword stuffing and must be avoided at all times, otherwise you may be banned by search engines.

Here are several recommendations on how to configure your website meta information. Please note meta information rules constantly change by Google.
This is the most relevant and important meta tag. You should include your company name, primary keyword and the area your company services. You only have 60 characters (including spaces) to incorporate all this information. If you exceed 60 characters, the rest of your characters will be cut off.
This section is important as it draws search engine users onto your website. Your secondary keywords should be inserted into this meta tag but be careful not to repeat long tail keywords you have mentioned into your Meta Title as it can be seen as spamming. You have 160 characters to include in this section.
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