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SSL Certificate Installers offer highly effective online marketing and security services. Our company provides the necessary elements to ensure your website is safe from hackers with the installation of SSL Certificates and WordPress protection plugins in South Africa.
Our company will generate an CRS (Certificate Signing Request) and install an SSL certificate on your website. SSL certificates will run on all major browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. The SSL certificate will stay active for 1 year before renewing it again.


• Ensures Safe Communication Between The Client And Server.

• Prevents Hackers From Stealing Important Information and Phising .

• Positively Increases Your Ranking Position on Google.

• Prevents Business Leads From Being Intercepted.

• Absolutely Necessary for Online Payments.

• Offers Added Brand Power.

• Improves Customer Trust Online.


It Takes 24 Hours To Install A Trusted SSL Certificate on Your Website


An SSL Certificate is only valid for 1 domain name. If you have multiple domains, you will be required to purchase multiple SSL Certificates. We offer discounts if you wish to certify multiple domain names.


We offer 2 Types of Packages

1. R1500 -Top SSL Protection For Business Websites Providing Service Information

2. R2500- Vital For Websites Offering Products and Payments Online


An SSL Certificate Is Valid For 1 Year whereby you will be required to renew your certificate once it expires.


In todays online world, installing the vital security measures on your website is absolutely necessary. Hackers have the skills to intercept your business and damage your website with viruses and malware. Everyday hundreds of thousands of websites are infected, its not a matter of “IF” but rather “When”.

Contact SSL Certificate Installers and we will provide the necessary softwares to ensure your website remains protected 24 hours per day with regualr security scans and the removal of harmful malware.
1. What is SSL?
Secure Socket Layer is a protocol that establishes a secure connection between the server and the client to exchange information safely.
2. Why is a SSL Certificate Important?
SSL Certificate is important for two reasons:

A. Usernames, Passwords, Credit Card details and sensitive information are protected with SSL Certificate.

B. Installing an SSL Certificate will increase your organic positions with search engines, and websites that fail to do so will have their ranking positions dropped. This was recently announced by Google.
3. What Could Happen If You Don’t Install A SSL Certificate?
Several consequences Include:

• Identity Theft

• Malware Attacks

• Ransomware Attacks

• Account Password Theft
4. How Do You Know Your Website Has an SSL Certificate?
• Websites that have a Green Lock next to the URL, plus an added “S” to the http.

For instance, websites that display https are protected and secure. 
5. Do You Install The Certificate On The Hosted Server or Will It Be Installed Per Domain Name?
SSL certificates are installed on domain names, so if you have multiple websites, you will require multiple SSL certificates.
6. How Much Time Does It Take To Install an SSL Certificate?
It takes 24 hours to have a SSL certifcate installed on your website.
7. How long is a SSL certificate valid for?
SSL certificates will have to be renewed in 1 year from purchase.
8. How Many Types of SSL Certificates Are Available?
There are 3 types of SSL Certificates.
9. How Much Does An Installation Cost?
We have 2 Packages:

• R1500 Per Year

• R2500 Per Year
10. What information do you require to proceed with the installation?
We need the following:

• Hosting Provider Name

• Login URL of Hosting Provider

• Username of WordPress Login

• Password of WordPress Login
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