Keyword targeting is a type of marketing technique that allows sites to target a specific audience based on the type of keywords and key phrases that they use on Search Engines. Although keyword targeting is not exclusive to Search Engine Optimization (it's also widely used in social media), it nevertheless plays an important role in how SEO is carried out, because it allows website owners to target their intended audience.

Another reason why keyword marketing matters is because it allows websites to reach their target audience by telling Search Engines that the contents of their pages are similar to what a particular segment of their users want. For example, if your site targets the keyword "Widgets" then the Google and other Search Engines will include your site in the Search Engine Results Page every time a person searches for the term "Widgets" on their browser. In other words, in order to attract the right type of customer, you will need to use the right keywords, and that's basically what keyword targeting is all about.
Search Engine Optimization is important because it allows your site to get a higher rank on Google's Search Engine Results Page for your site's targeted keyword. For example, let's say that your site features movie reviews. Given the nature of your site, you'll need to target a keyword that is relevant to your particular, in this case "movie reviews" or "reviews for movies." Once you have chosen your target keyword, your next step is to optimize your site, so that its contents offer value and relevance to your audience.

If everything goes as planned, and Google detects that your site offers a lot of quality content, then it will make sure that your site gets a high rank whenever someone searches for your targeted keyword. What this means is that whenever someone searches for movie reviews on Google, your site will be at the top of the list of results, and that's a very good thing.

This is because when people look up information on the Search Engines, they usually only click on the first two to three sites. If those two or three options do not have what they are looking for then they will try another keyword, and it won't matter to the searchers if they haven't seen the other results. This is basically why SEO matters: Because if your site is not at the top on Google then it will not get any traffic, and no traffic means no income.
A lot of things go into the implementation of SEO. However, regardless of their differences, they are all designed to do one thing, and that is to help your site get the highest rank for its target keyword. This goal is made possible through the following steps and techniques:

• Keyword Targeting
• Creation of Unique Content
• Acquiring Extensive Backlinks for Your Site
• Website Optimization
• Implementation of A Targeted Online Marketing Strategy

Once you have implemented these steps (and the content that your site offers is better than your competitors), your will be able to get the top rank for your targeted keyword, which means that your site will get higher amounts of traffic, which in turn means more sales and profits.
Basically, backlinks are links which point to your site. To put it another way, they are links on other sites which direct people who click on them to your site's web pages. The more of these links your site has, the better, because Search Engines use them to determine the rank of different sites in their index.

A good way to understand backlinks is to think of them as referrals. Backlinks basically tell Search Engines that your site offers something good by virtue of the fact that it's popular. So if the online community says your site is popular then the Search Engines are most likely to agree.
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