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This is the most important part of search engine optimization. Applying the correct backlinking technique will boost your rankings to the first page of Google and Yahoo. Building links has become an art in the SEO world. Many SEO expert know how to build links, but fail to comply with algorithm updates which renders their strategies ineffective.

In the past, building links was all about quantity. Today building links is mostly about quality. Having many links point to your website still does wonders for your ranking positions, however it is imperative to link from high Page Rank(PR) websites. Google have determined the value of a website by the number of links pointing to the site as well as the age of the website.


Google have determined the value of a website by the number of links pointing to the site as well as the age of the website. This measure of the site is called Page Rank and it works between the numbers from 0-9. The higher the page rank, the more powerful the link. Our SEO experts have close relations with people in the SEO community to ensure we apply the most up to date and effective methods online.
We build backlinks at different times during the day. This ensures Google that these links are built naturally and not with bot software. We implement only white hat SEO and we steer clear of any suspicious activity as Google systems monitor every little move that occurs on the internet.
Google have made it clear that it wants links from many types of websites. Building links to only one platform of websites will not improve your rankings. We mix it up as much as possible, targeting social networks, blogs, social bookmarks, social media, web 2.0 sites and much more.
In the past, placing your primary keyword in your anchor text was the most effective solution to link building. Now, if placing your link in your anchor text too often is risky and can result in a penalty. We know exactly the correct percentage of anchor text to apply in backlinking.
Google introduced a nofollow option that websites could incorporate to prevent spamming. This nofollow option has become an important part of search engine optimization. Building links to dofollow and nofollow websites make your linking technique look natural which Google loves.
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