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21 February 2019

Secrets For SEO Content Writing


In this article, I am going to reveal important information regarding SEO content writing. Providing high-quality articles is highly beneficial in your marketing campaign, as it could potentially deliver targeted traffic to your website. These tips I provide will assist people in writing SEO friendly articles that Google will love.



The most cruscial part of content writing is the quality of information provided. It's imperative you add interesting facts when writing an article, as this will keep readers engaged and intrigued. The longer readers stay on your article, the more SEO points you will receive from search engines, which means your article could be rewarded with lots of website traffic.

On the other hand, if your article does not offer value, you will be wasting your time and your readers time. Google's algorithms determine how a reader interacts with an article. If multiple readers leave your article quickly, this indicates the article does not offer value, and as a result, will receive no website traffic benefits.


Keywords placement is an important part of SEO content writing. Placing your targeted keywords in your article in the right position can result in Google Page 1 rankings. Make sure you incorporate keywords naturally and do not attempt to spam them throughout your article. The keyword percentage of your article should be between 1-3 percent. If you exceed this percentage, you risk being Red Flagged by Google for keyword spamming.

Keyword Tips

Here are several tips on how to incorporate keywords in your article:

- Place Your Focus Keyword in The Title of your article.
- Place Your Focus Keywords in the first sentence or paragraph of your article.
- Include your Keyword in the H1 tags of your article
- Include your Keyword in the Meta Title of your article.


Images add value to your SEO content. Make sure you include a relevant image that highlights what your article represents. Readers are very visual, and associating an image can significantly impact the way a reader views your article. Make sure you include the "alt" attribute in case users cannot view it with their existing browsers.


When writing articles, include subheadings in most of your paragraphs. Sub headings highlight what your section discusses and makes your content more readible. Nobody wants to read a 1000 word article without any subheadings.

Essential Elements of SEO Content Writing:

Word Count

Google love articles that provide lots of information. It is recommended you write an article that is between 600-1000 words if you want it to get noticed by search engines.

Grammar and Spelling

Make sure the grammer and spelling in your articles are flawless. Otherwise you will lose SEO points. You could use grammarly to make sure your articles are well written or other free grammar testing sites.

Unique Content

Google dislike duplicate content, do not copy content from other websites online. Create your content and stay away from Article Spinners.


Writing quality content with the above SEO recommendations is a winning formula for readers and search engines. If you follow the above guidelines, you could drive lots of traffic to your website and earn a good reputation online. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.
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