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June 9, 2021

Search Engine Optimization Tips


Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the leading search engines on the internet. Search engines return website results based on keywords or phrases typed into the search engine bar. Websites with high rankings receive targeted traffic that has high conversion rates. Conversion rates are actions taken by users; these include:

A. Buying A Product
B. Paying For A Service
C. Signing Up To A Newsletter

This article will discuss several points on how to improve your search engine position by implementing simple yet effective strategies online.



Include Your Primary Keyword in your Meta Title

Meta Titles must be less than 60 characters long and include your company name, primary keyword, and city location. Google needs to understand what keywords your website is based around. Your primary keyword in your meta title indicates to Google that the website is focused on this keyword.


Include Your Secondary Keywords in Your Meta Description

Meta Descriptions must be less than 250 characters. It must also include several secondary keywords and the Country in which your business resides. Meta Descriptions must be written naturally, and you must avoid spamming keywords in this section.


Add A Sitemap To Your Website

Sitemaps are crucial for search engine optimization. Sitemaps provide the structure of your website to the search engine crawlers known as spiders. Sitemaps help spiders find each page of your website, as this helps your website get appropriately indexed by Google.


Insert Alt Attribute To Your Website Images

Many internet browsers are not able to display images. There are multiple reasons for this; however, it's important to add alt attributes to display the text alternative when the image cannot be displayed in the browser. Alt Attributes help with SEO as well as website traffic.


Add Unique Articles To Your Blog Section

Adding articles on the same subject of your website or business can be highly beneficial if applied correctly. Website owners should add two to three articles per week. These articles should contain excellent and readable content.


Submit Your Website To Business Directories

It's essential to place your website link on the major and local business directories in your Country. Your business information should remain consistent as contact details, physical address, emails, and website links should be consistent.


Create Social Media Accounts

When it comes down to SEO, it's essential to create multiple social media accounts on the most popular social media networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Do not forget to include your website link on these accounts.


Update Your Social Media Accounts

It's essential to update and maintain your social media accounts with meaningful content. This content can be offered on your products and services; it can be images and famous quotes from people in your industry.


Implementing the following recommendations can make a massive impact on your website rankings. If you reside in a competitive market, you will see improvements on the SERPS, but you probably won't rank on the first page of Google unless there is very little competition.

To rank on the first page of Google, it's essential to use a reputable SEO provider to set up and maintain backlink campaigns. Backlink campaigns are difficult to do on your own. You require an SEO Expert with a great deal of experience to build backlinks. Attempting link building on your own can harm your rankings.
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