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3 August 2020

Overview of Marketing Options on Google


Google has multiple marketing options when promoting products and services online. These include:

• Search Engine Ads

• Display Ads

• Video Ads

• Shopping Ads

• Application Ads

This article will discuss the 6 different types of Google marketing, as well as the important attributes of each platform.


Search Engine ads are text ads displayed on Google’s search engine. These ads are ideal for people promoting their services online such as plumbers, locksmiths, roof contractors and painters. Search engine ads have the following advantages:

Ad Rotation

You should write 3 different types of text ads, and Google will rotate and determine which one has the best response. Its advanced systems will display it more often for higher clickthrough and conversion rates.

Ad Extensions

Each advert you create allows you to add specific extensions. You must add as many Ad extensions as possible as this will make your advert stand out and improve your Google Adword ranking position.


Display Ads are text and media ads displayed on Google’s partnering sites. You will find these adverts in the form of banners displayed on different websites online. Google Ads systems allow you to create a banner advert quickly and easily, as well as the option to target specific types of websites for your marketing campaign. Display ads have the following advantages:

• Global Reach of 90% of Internet Traffic

• Rich Media Ads To Convey You Message Effectively

• Lower Cost Per Click Compared to Other Forms of Google Marketing

• Multiple Website Options to Decide Where To Place Your Banner


Video ads are videos adverts displayed on YouTube. Video ads are a powerful means of displaying your marketing message to your select audience. Video ads can be a quick 5 second video, or a 30 second or more video, depending on your campaign goals. Here are the advantages of using Video Ads:

You don’t pay for a Video Ad unless its displayed longer than 30 seconds, or the user interacts with it by liking the video, clicking a link or leaving a comment.

Video ads provide the following:

• Appeal mobile users.

• Quickly build trust

• Shows High Return of Investment

• Boosts conversions and sales.


Shopping Ads are displayed on Google’s search engine. These adverts are different to the traditional text ads as they contain Images and Prices. This form of marketing is ideal for businesses selling products online. Here are the following advantages of using Shopping Ads:

Shopping Ads have high conversion rates as people who click on your advert have seen your product image and product price beforehand.

Shopping Ads also stand out for a higher clickthrough rates and are placed at the top of the search engines.

Shopping Ads are easier to manage, as you have to submit a product list in a excel sheet on the Merchant Account, and Google will handle the rest.


Application ads are displayed on the entire Google search and display network. These ads allow people and businesses to promote their applications on Google. Here are the following advantages of using the App Ads:

Only pay once a user has downloaded your app or made an in-app purchase.


Google’s advanced systems have provided powerful means of marketing businesses online. Each advert displayed on the Google Network allows you the following advantages:

Audience Targeting- Ads target specific audience according to age, income, parental status

Time and Date Specific- Ads can be displayed at specific times on specified days.

Conversion Tracking- Tracks progress and implements machine learning to improve your ads performance.

Area Specific- Ads can be displayed in specific areas, cities and even countries.
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