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1 September 2020

Most Popular Traffic Forms Online


One of the most vital aspects of online marketing is traffic. This article will discuss the different types of traffic available on the internet, as well as several Tips on how to accumulate this traffic.


A. Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine traffic is one of the most valuable traffic sources on the internet today. Search engines are large directories of listed websites, and the sole purpose of searche engines is to bring relative results of websites through a search query.

There are two types of Search Engine traffic:

1. Organic Search Engine Traffic

2. Paid Search Engine Traffic

1. Organic Search Engine Traffic

Organic Search Engine traffic is one of the most trusted traffic sources around. Google, Yahoo and Bing only rank high-quality and trusted websites on their search engines. Their complicated algorithms filter out spam websites and drive traffic to legitimate and professional sites, making users feel more assured and trusting of search engine ranking sites.

TIP: Google loves information, uploading 3-4 articles on your website every week, will improve your Google ranking position. If you are consistently posting articles, your website may even reach the first page of Google. Articles must be well-written and provide value with the correct spelling, format as well as grammar. Remember to include images and videos in your article as this will make it more reader friendly.

2. Paid Search Engine Traffic

Paid Search Engine Traffic is a powerful option of driving targeted visitors to your website. It is similar to organic traffic, but works on a Pay-Per-Click basis, whereby businesses will pay an estimated bid for their advert to appear on the search engines. The bid amount depends on the keyword and competition involved.

TIP: Make sure the person who is handling your Google Adwords account is certified and has passed the necessary examinations to handle your Adword campaign. Also make sure he/she has enabled Conversion Tracking to track your sales, inquiries, costs and effectiveness of your campaign.

B. Social Media Traffic

Social media websites contain mass profiles of people who have the ability to post their opinion and share documents with accepted friends and followers in their circle. There are hudreds of millions of social media profiles, tapping into this source of traffic is definitely beneficial.

TIP: We would recommend creating a business profile for the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is two means of exposure on social media sites:

1. Constant posting of information, documents, images and videos.

Just like search engines, social media sites also want your business profile page to provide value. The more valueable information you share, the more people will follow your account. The more people that follow your account, the more exposure your services and products will receive.

2. Get The Ball Rolling

If you have existing accounts, invite your current friends to check out your business page and ask them to share it with their friends. Also ask them to like your business page, the more likes you get, the more popular your profile, the likely it will appear when someone seeks your products and services on the Facebook search bar.

3. Paid Avertising

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide paid platforms which allow business profiles to target users based on their age, location and interest. These paid platforms are a lot cheaper than search engine paid platforms.

C. Forum Traffic

Forums are websites where people gather to discuss specific topics of interest. Its also a platform for problem solving, whereby a user will ask a question and receive several answers from other users or administrators of the forum.

TIP: Join a forum which is situated in your country and relative to your industry. The means of getting traffic from forums is by assisting people with their posted inquiries. Providing valuable answers on forums can lead to mass exposure of your profile, which will contain your website link.

D. Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is traffic obtained from offline marketing. Direct traffic is when a user directly puts your URL into their browser. They usually find your website on a business card, flyer or referral by someone else.

TIP: Great means of obtaining offline traffic is through car stickers, business cards, flyers, billboards, newspaper and magazine advertising.

E. Email Traffic

Email traffic is traffic obtained from email users who have enrolled into an agreed subscription. Companies send business emails to their list of subscribers which markets new products, services and available specials. This is extremely powerful form of marketing, and your success of email campaigns comes down to valuable information as well as incredible offers.

TIP: In order to get email traffic, you need people to subscribe to your services. One smart means of getting people to sign up, is by giving them a valuable and helpful e-book for free.

F. Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic is traffic directed from one website to another website. This usually occurs when your website provides something valuable, which could be products, services or information.

TIP: Google love high quality articles. If your articles provide valuable information, websites will start to link to your articles. This will improve your SEO position, and drive traffic to your website.

G. Classified Traffic

Classfied traffic is traffic obtained from classified ad websites. Popular Classfied sites have thousands of users on their website daily, and allow individuals and businesses to post adverts of their products and services in a specific city, region or suburb.

TIP: Submit your company ad to the most popular classified ads in your country. In South Africa, the most popular classified ads include Gumtree, Junk Mail and OLX.
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