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August 16, 2021

Link Exchanges and Why It's Not Good For SEO Anymore


Since the dawn of the internet, link exchanges have been used to gain popularity with significant search engines. This was the best way to get ranked in search engines for keywords you are interested in. Link exchanges can help your company gain ground quickly.

Wikipedia's definition of a link-exchange:

Link Exchange (also known as reciprocal link exchange) is the practice of exchanging links with websites.


You can arrange a link swap with web admins in many ways. It is easiest to contact another website owner to set a link exchange. You can also visit webmaster discussion boards that offer a dedicated forum for link exchanges. Web admins may request a link swap, whether of a specific category or open to all.

Since the inception of the internet, link exchange has been a common practice for website owners. This practice gained popularity in recent years, after 2000. Search engines like Google began favoring websites with more links in their rankings. This method was highly accurate in gauging the importance of a website's first start, which led to Google being so popular.

Experts say that search engines don't place as much emphasis on reciprocal links. Instead, the popularity and credibility of a website are now measured by its incoming links. Analysis suggests that it is essential that the topic of the incoming connection and the page to which it links to be relevant.


Officially, the end of link exchange is here. Since the latest algorithm changes for significant search engines, relevant one-way links have been the most crucial aspect to search engine optimization. Yahoo even denied sites access to their search submit the program to have a link exchange program. This is spammy, and I know this from personal experience. These aspects of search engine optimization are the best ways to create relevant links.

1. Directory Submissions: 

Companies that rank highly in search engines must submit the DMOZ ( and the Yahoo directory ( Make sure you search for guides that are relevant to your company. Search engines will allow you to search for the keywords "directory" in your keywords. You'll be able to find them quickly.

2. Article submissions:

 You can submit articles for free. Web admins receive content to distribute to their customers via an article database or electronic magazines. A resource box can be included at the end to provide information about your company and a link to your website.

3. Social Book Marking: 

This is a new trend on the internet, first introduced by websites like and, among others. This is when you bookmark a website to a favorites archive that other internet users can access. The tags are used to identify the bookmark and any relevant keywords. This generates a link to your site.

Officially, the link exchange is no longer valid. Stop link exchanges while you have the opportunity. Search engines could soon penalize sites that participate in link exchanges. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of them now before they affect your search engine rankings.

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