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24 June 2020

How SEO Works


SEO has become one of the most effective and affordable means of marketing your business online. People type keywords on search engines to find information, directions, products and services. Having your website appear on search engines for targeted keywords will direct traffic to your website, and increase your sales as well as grow your customer base. This article will discuss the diffent SEO strategies that will improve your ranking position on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


One of the most important parts of SEO is having an highly-optimized website. Highly-optimized websites are essential for ranking high on Google and succeeding online.

Here are the following characteristics of a highly optimized website:

1. Multiple web pages with lots of information, images and videos

2. Easy navigation elements such as menu bars and internal links.

3. Fast loading websites

4. Responsive websites for your website to appear on all types of devices.

5. SSL certificate to ensure safe interactions between clients and servers.

6. Correctly configured meta titles and descriptions.

7. XML sitemap installation

8. Professional Designs and Themes

9. Include A Private Policy page.


This is one of the most influencial SEO factors available. Having multiple websites link back to your website will improve your Google position drastically, however its not as simple as getting any website to link back to your website, there is strategy behind SEO link building.

Here are several tips on how to build backlinks to your website:

1. Link back from websites in a similar industry

2. Build Do Follow and No Follow links

3. Implement different anchor text variations

4. Target different types of website such as directories, forums, blogs and press release sites.

5. Build links consistently on a daily basis.

6. Target High PR Websites


Its no secret Google love new and unique information. Updating your blog with articles will move you up the search engines.

Here are several tips on how to write articles to improve your SEO score:

1. Relevant information- Write about different topics in your industry.

2. Long Articles- Write articles longer than 600 words.

3. Include Media- Google hate blocks of text, include images and videos in your articles.

4. Keyword Density- Include your primary keyword in the first sentence of your article and do not spam keywords unnaturally.

5. Provide Quality- People read to learn, include interesting facts and valuable points.

6. Write 3-4 articles per week.

7. Correct Grammar and Spelling- Use Grammarly to improve the grammar and spelling of your articles.


Social media has become an important part of SEO as it gives people to freedom to express their opinions as well as review products and services online. People liking and commenting on your business profile will indicate to Google you are providing value.

Here are the following steps on how to improve your SEO score with social media.

1. Create business profiles on multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Insert your website link on these accounts and add social media icons on your website which link back to these social media accounts.

3. Add your friends or followers from your personal account to your business profile.

4. Ask your friends to Like your business profile.

5. Ask you customers to like and comment on your business profile.

6. Regularly post information, images and videos relative to your business.

7. Use the paid advertising options on social media sites to promote your business.


Implementing all four of these SEO aspects will surely improve your ranking position on the popular search engines. The key is value and consistency, and the reward is unlimited traffic and growth opportunities.
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