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19 June 2019

Google Adwords Terminology and Tools


Google Networks- The Google Network is made up of the Search Network and Display Network. These are the different platforms where you will be able to advertise your business online.

Search Network- Your Advert will appear on Google's Search Engine and partnering search sites of Google.

Display Network- Your advert will appear on Youtube, Gmail, Blogger and partnering websites of Google.


CPM- Cost per Thousand Impressions

This refers to the amount you will pay for 1000 people to view your advert.

CPC- Cost Per Click

This refers to the amount you will pay for each click that occurs on your advert.

CPA- Cost per Aquisition

This refers to the amount you will pay for each sale or sign up that occurs from your adverts.

CPV- Cost per View

This refers to the amount you will pay for someone to view your video for longer then 30 seconds or interact with your video content.



These are add-ons displayed on your advert which increase visibility and improve the performance of your adverts. You may add as many extensions as you want to your advert, however, only 4 will be displayed at any given time.

The benefit of Adword extensions is they cost the same amount as the click you are bidding for. There are no additional costs with implementing extensions and for every extension added, your Click Through Rate increases by 10- 15%. Click Through Rate (CTR) is the measure of how many people saw your advert divided by the number of people who clicked on your advert.

Call Extensions- This is a telephone number that appears on your Advert. On mobile devices, you push a “Call Button” and you will be able to contact the company directly by mobile.

Message Extensions- Similar to Phone Extensions, except you may message the company directly by mobile.

Callout Extensions- This highlights the extra benefits of using your company. Examples include Free Delivery, Money Back Guarantees, and 24 Hour Support Services.

Structured Snippet Extensions- This underlines important aspects of the products and services you provide.

Sitelinks Extensions- This allows people to visit different pages of your website directly from your advert.

Price Extensions- This shows the price of your products and services on your Adverts.

Promotion Extensions- This displays items on sale for a specific period of time on your advert.

App Extensions- This allows people to download your application from your advert.


Google Ads provides a free range of marketing tools you can use to estimate traffic figures, costs, and other important marketing data. The tools mentioned below are essential elements every Google Marketer should have access to in order to launch successful Adword campaigns on Google.

Keyword Planner

This displays keywords and phrases searched on Google, the average number of times these keywords are searched on Google and the price per website visitor if you decided to use Google Adwords to market your website.

Example: 1000 People search for the keyword “SEO” and to get your advert on the first page of Google will cost R50 per person who clicks your ad.

Bid Simulator

The bid simulator provides feedback regarding what would happen if you had to have made small adjustments to your Google Adword Campaign.

Example: Adjusting your bids by 20% can increase your advert ranking position and drive 30% more traffic to your website.

First Page Bid Estimate

This refers to the amount you will have to Bid in order to rank your advert on the first page of Google for your desired keywords.
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