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22 June 2020

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing


1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the means of earning a commission through the sales of a company's product. The amount earned depends on the percentage offered by the company.

2. What Percentage of Sales do Marketers Usually Get paid by Affiliate Companies?

The amount can vary anywhere from 2%- 75% of the product price.

Example: 30% commission on R10 000 product will equal to R3000 profit for the marketer.

3. How Do I Join An Online Affiliate Marketing Company?

There are many affiliate marketing companies on the internet. You have to submit a form stating your marketing experience to the affiliate company. The affiliate company will assess your request and either accept or reject it.

4. What Experience Would I Need To Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Successful online marketers normally have multiple sets of skills. Several examples include Website Design, SEO, Paid Advertising, Blogging and any other means of driving traffic to their offers.

5. What Are Popular Affiliate Marketing Websites?


Amazon have an enormous database of real world products. They offer high percentages of product commissions to their affiliate marketers, and provide free deliveries worldwide for most of their items sold.


Google Adsense have offered website owners the opportunity to place banner adverts on their sites, and reward the web owners every instance browsing users click on Google's banner ads.


Clickbank offer a wide range of software products online. Most items sold are delivered digitally either by email or directly on the site. Clickbank are known for offering the highest commissions to their affiliate marketers.

6. How Do Affiliate Marketing Companies Pay Their Marketers?

Affiliate companies provide direct deposits to your account as well as checks to your business. You may also have the option to receive payment through Paypal.

7. How Do Affiliate Marketing Companies Track Your Sales?

Once you are accepted to market for an affiliate company, you will be assigned a unique ID link. This unique ID link, along with their advanced systems, will track all the clicks and sales that occur on the products you promote.
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