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1 May 2019

Free Google Tools


This article will highlight important Google Tools that every online marketer should use, to understand their target market and measure the success of their campaigns. These tools are free and require a gmail or alternative email to register and gain access.


Google’s Keyword Planner provides insights into how many people search for specific keywords on Google’s search engine per month. This is essential to online marketing as you can determine which keywords are searched the most on Google, and target them in your SEO and Adword campaigns. 

It also provides bidding information regarding keywords you wish to target in order to place your advert on the first page of Google when utilizing Google Adwords. There are normally two bids presented here. The two bids present the lowest and highest amounts you will have to pay in order to display your advert on Page 1 of Google.


Google Analytics displays the number of people who visited your website, the length of time people spent on your website and how they interacted with your website. People that interact well with your website will receive a Low Bounce Rate, which is good. If people grow impatient and leave your website quickly, due to a poor web experience, you will receive a High Bounce Rate, which is bad. 

You can analyze your website traffic stats by understanding who your audience is and how they behave on your website. This is vital to the success of your campaign. Remember, if people interact well with your website, you are more likely to increase customers and sales. If they interact badly with your website, you will be wasting money on your online marketing campaigns.


Google Trends presents you with great knowledge regarding what topics people have shown interest in on Google, over a period of time. There are two ways you can research topics, you either select categories or enter a keyword into the search bar. Google Trends will then deliver a graph providing the popularity of a specific topic over a period of one year. 

You may target specific countries and find out which areas are trending the most in that country for your targeted keyword. This tool helps you understand what are the hottest trends on Google, plus examine other factors such as monitoring your brand and watching your competitors.


Google Surveys allows businesses to gather information from their target audience through online surveys. You may target people based on their age, gender, interest, demographics, and other characteristics to complete the surveys. The setup is free, however, you will be required to pay an amount for each user who completes your survey. The main benefit is you can have thousands of surveys completed and gain valuable insights into the mindset of your target audience.
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