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September 1, 2021

Featured Snippet Optimization


It is becoming increasingly difficult to get referral traffic from Google. Because of increased competition and the constant changes in Google's algorithms, it is becoming more difficult to build referral traffic from Google.


Google has been constantly optimizing its search algorithm. They are always focused on improving the user experience, making it easier for users to find what they want, and avoiding low-quality or spammy results.

Search engines have placed a lot of emphasis on featured search snippets to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for quickly. You need to learn how to get your content in featured snippets.

HubSpot research shows that content with a featured excerpt has a twice as high click-through rate. These are some great results, right?!


Short, Clear Answers for Specific Questions

Google likes long-form content. However, it is more likely that you will get featured snippets. Keep your answers short and precise. This helps to improve user retention and content organization.

The average length for paragraphs with featured short snippets is 45 characters. This is a key point to remember when creating content you wish to be featured in snippets.

This doesn't mean that your content has to be just one paragraph. Google favors long-form content with logical subsections and attention-grabbing images. Cornerstone content can help you answer more questions in one article.

You may need to modify your blog style to be able to get a featured excerpt.

1. Ask the question you want to answer in your content

2. Answer the question in one paragraph

3. Provide detailed information in your article


Google loves numbers, lists, and steps. A featured snippet may include the ingredients and the time it took to prepare them, as well as the city and year of their birth.

In the paragraph answering the question, list the names and numbers that are useful. Be factual in your answer.

Because search engines love structured content, comparison lists and charts make it easier to get featured snippets. Google will often pick a table on another website for brand queries. If it doesn't have a table, Google is more likely not to give the brand the answer.

This is a great example of how Google values factual, data-driven, and well-structured content. No specific markup is required to organize content. Google picks it up, however, And
It doesn't require any additional pointers.

Many Similar Questions Answered in One Article

Ahrefs' study found that a page is featured more often than other pages in related questions. This means that you must structure your content well and answer similar questions.

Google does a great job of identifying synonymic and closely related queries. It makes no sense to have separate pages for each question.

If you want to be featured in answer boxes, it is best to create one solid piece of content that answers multiple related questions.

You must organize your questions correctly to combine related questions into one post. This will also help you structure your content.

This keyword strategy can be used to organize your thoughts:

The title of the article is determined by the search query.

A generic keyword is used to identify a section or category of an article.

You can ask more specific questions in the subheadings. They also define the article's structure.

Multiple closely related questions should be placed under one subheading.

Take, for example:

Serpstat allows you to quickly generate topic ideas, and then you can break them down into subtopics. Serpstat will generate hundreds of questions based on your core term. It'll also generate a tag cloud with other questions related to those keywords.

Clicking any word in the tag clouds will filter the results to only those questions.


Images are more eye-catching than regularly featured snippets.

Your images should be attractive, well-branded, and annotated. This will make it easier for you to get them featured. This ensures that your image will look great no matter what Google features it with.

Bannersnack can help you create striking brand images.

Final Thoughts

It is exhausting to keep up with Google.

However, featured snippets won't be going away. You must optimize your web pages and content for featured snippets if you want search results to be dominated.

Featured snippets appear first in most SERPs. Earning a featured snippet will rank you for position zero, the highest-ranking position.

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