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16 July 2020

Factors Which Improve Your Website Rankings


Everyone knows that ranking high on popular search engines is extremely beneficial for your products and services. This article will underline the most essential factors of ranking well on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


This is the start of your online marketing campaign, and you should do it right the first time round. Websites need to meet certain criteria's in order to impress Google and achieve online success. Here are the main attributes your website should possess:

1. Lots of Pages and Information

Google loves website which provide high-quality and well-written content. You should create separate web pages for each product or service you provide. Websites should contain no less than 10 pages excluding your blog page.

2. Lots of Media

Google loves lots of media presented on your website. It's important to have high quality images presented, but be careful your images are compressed as rich images can reduce your websites loading speed, which can affect your overall SEO Score.

3. Simple Navigation

Website which are simple to understand and navigate around, allow users to comfortably make decisions without getting annoyed or frustrated. Always use the traditional, horizontal menu as well as natural text links within your website's information.

4. Fast Loading

Google wants websites to load quickly on users' devices. People have extremely low patience when browsing, and its vital your website loads within seconds.

5. Device Compatibility

Websites now have to be compatible for all types of devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Make sure your website is presented properly on all device types.

6. SSL Secure

Websites have to provide secure transactions between clients and servers. SSL certificates provide that level of protection. Make sure your website is secure, SSL certificates can be purchased yearly.


 Updating your blog section with unique and well-written content can also positively improve your search engine ranking position. The articles written must be relative to your industry, and provide high quality information which can be noticed and even spread by readers. The more articles you write, the higher your search engine rankings will climb. On average, if you would like to see improvements, write about 3-4 articles per week for your blog section. Also, do not forget to include images and videos in your articles, as Google do not like blocks of text.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are social media platforms which have become extremely popular over the recent years. These platforms allow people to create profiles of themselves and share documents, images, videos and more importantly, their opinion with their list of friends or followers. Creating a Business Page using these platforms is becoming a necessity in the online marketing world.

Having people Like, Comment or React to your business page and business posts, does help your overall SEO score. When your social media business profile is up and running, you should post relative pictures, information and quotes on a daily basis. These posts will not only help improve your SEO position on search engines, but also improve your keyword position on social media platforms. Remember to include social media icons on your website which link directly to your social media accounts.


This is considered the most essential part of search engine optimization. Backlinking is the means of placing your website link on other relevant websites. It sounds simple, however, building backlinks must be accomplished in a certain manner in order to see your website reach the first page of Google. We highly recommend hiring an experienced SEO expert to do your link building campaign. If you would like to attempt it yourself, here are the following guidelines:

- Your website link must be placed on websites relative to your niche

- Your anchor text should contain multiple variations of keywords, your company name as well as your URL.

- Your website link must link to Dofollow and Nofollow websites

- Your website link must be placed on different types of sites such as directories, blogs and forums.

- Your website link must be surrounded by high quality information and articles.


Working on these listed factors will certainly improve your overall ranking position on Google. The one thing Google loves is hard work and consistency. The more consistent you are, the better your chances of ranking high on the first page of Google.
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