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June 22, 2021

Email Marketing Basics



Email marketing is the process of collecting people's email address to send them offers, promotions, and industry updates directly by email. It's an extremely targeted form of online marketing, and if done correctly, it can tremendously impact your sales. The main question is, how do you collect people's email addresses?


People are hesitant to give their email address away because they do not want their emails flooded with spam. Getting people to sign up for your email subscription should be done in several ways:


You can offer an individual a free item online in exchange for their email address. The free item can be an online video course, a step-by-step guide, a free pdf book, or something of great value to entice the individual to submit their email address.


Newsletter subscriptions are an excellent means of acquiring clients online. People sign up for these services to receive articles and information on specific subjects by email. Integrating articles and offers can be a lethal combination in obtaining sales.


The Process of Creating a Squeeze Page?

A Squeeze page is usually a one-page website with titles, texts, images, and videos combined to create a powerful message for the audience. Squeeze pages can be designed to promote your products, services and capture email addresses. 

 You can create squeeze pages from scratch to capture people's emails, or you can use templates that you can edit if you lack the proper marketing experience. 

How To Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page?

To grow your email list, you need to send website traffic to your squeeze page or website. This is one of the essential parts of online marketing. The good news is there are multiple ways of sending targeted traffic to your website, this includes:

Google Ads

You can use Google Search and Google Display Ads to promote your squeeze page and website. Google display ads are banner ads displayed on other websites and can target 90% of the people on their internet.

Bing Advertising

Bing advertising is an alternative to Google Ads and provides much more affordable clicks in their PPC campaigns. Many marketers do not use Bing, but Bing is still one of the largest traffic websites in the world.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an excellent means of reaching people with your offers. Facebook provides audience targeting, which means you can specify specific characteristics of what audience you want to reach.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads are marketers with email lists that you can pay to market to their list. One of the most popular Solo Ads websites is This website provides ratings on each marketer's email list and allows you to contact them directly to place any orders.


Where Do You Store People's Email Address?

There are popular email marketing services that allow you to store your email list on their servers and directly market  to your email list using their software platform. Popular email marketing services include:


How Much Do These Email Marketing Services Cost?

The email marketing services have different prices, but you should pay between R400 and R500 per month for their standard package. The price is also dependant on the size of your email address: the more extensive the email list, the more expensive the email package. Most of the listed companies above allow their clients a Free Month Trial for 30 days to try out their systems.

How To Nurture Your Email Address

You must use popular email marketing services to send content and offers to your email list. It's important to spend valuable resources on your list to create trust. You cannot only send them offers. Otherwise, they will regard your emails are spam and unsubscribe from your email list. 

You must nurture your list and even create a personal relationship with them to achieve success online. 

What Are AutoResponders?

Autoresponders can be found at popular email marketing companies. Autoresponders send your email list offers and information based on rules that you set. Autoresponders is a powerful tool as it allows you to market your offers on complete autopilot once you have set it up.

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