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17 June 2020

Do Follow and No Follow Links


There are two types of hyperlinks available on the internet. There are known as Do Follow and No Follow links.

What is a Hyperlink?

A Hyperlink is readable text which links to another website or webpage when clicked.

Why Are There Two Types of Hyperlinks?

In the older days of SEO, receiving a backlink from any website, counted positively towards your SEO score. People were building backlinks everywhere on the internet, and spamful links were becoming too common. Google decided to implement the "No Follow" html link. The "No Follow" link meant your website link, would not be counted towards your SEO score. This protected website owners from being spammed with unnecessary links.

What Does A Do Follow link look like?

Here is the code for a Do Follow link: <a href="> Pro Rank </a> 

As you can see, Do Follow links are simply, regular-looking links.

What Does A No Follow link look like?

Here is the code for a No Follow Link: <a href="" rel="no follow"> Pro Rank </a> 

As you can see, the rel refers to No Follow.

How can I find A No Follow link on a website?

Right click the Web Page and click "View Page Source". Click Ctrl+ F and a search bar should appear on the top right corner of your screen. Type No Follow in the search bar and all No Follow links will be highlighted in your HTML web page.

Which Type of Website Provides No Follow Links?

Most Forums and several blogs on the internet enforce "No Follow" links on their website. The reason Forums have implemented No Follow links, was to prevent people from creating fake profiles to build links. Blogs implemented No Follow links to avoid spamful comments.

Are No Follow Links Important For SEO?

Yes, Google want a natural mix of Do Follow and No Follow links in your Backlink Campaign. Having 100% Do Follow links will lead to search engine bans as this appears spammy and unnatural to Google.

What Percentage of "No Follow" Links should I build in my SEO campaign?

The correct percentage of No Follow links should be 25% and Do Follow links should be 75%.

What Are The Best "Do Follow" links you should build?

You should target websites with High Page Rank with your Do Follow link building campaigns.

What Are The Best "No Follow" links you should build?

Wikipedia links are the most powerful "No Follow" links you can build. Even though, your website link placed on the wiki website does not improve your Page Rank Score, it definitely increases your Trust Factor with Google which will help your overall SEO score.
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