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18 April 2019

Different Types of Traffic


Website traffic is the most important part of online marketing. Website traffic comes in different shapes and forms, and this article is going to explain the different sources of website traffic available to you.


Search Engines are programs that delivery lists of relative websites from a search query. It is the most powerful form of traffic as it has the highest conversion rate online. Search engine marketing appeals to an audience already interested in your products and services, as your advert or listing will appear to an eager audience. There are two types of search engine marketing: SEO and Google Adwords.

TIP- SEO and Google Adwords should be handled by the professionals. In order to find a successful online marketing company, you will need to check the following factors:

CERTIFICATIONS- Is the company Google Adword Certified.

AGE OF BUSINESS- Older companies have more experience and stability then newer companies..

REVIEWS- Positive reviews are usually a good sign that you are in good hands.


Free Classified Sites allow people and businesses to post adverts on their website. Free Classified Ads are the easiest way of obtaining traffic to your website. Its recommended you submit your advert to most of the classified sites in your country.

TIP: When creating a Classified Advert, make sure you include the primary keyword and city your business resides in, in the Title of your advert. This will give you a higher chance of reaching an audience in your industry, as people will find your listing on the classifieds when searching for products or services in a specific area.

You will also have a good chance of reaching the first page of Google for your primary keywords depending on the popularity of your advert. The popularity of an advert is measured by the number of viewers, shares, and interactions imposed on the ad.


Forums are online discussion groups. People post on various topics asking the opinion of others, and in return, these people will receive several responses from registered users on the Forum. There are many different categories of Forums. Create a profile with a forum in your field of work and answer questions on posts submitted by people.

Tip: Taking part and providing value to forum discussion can get you noticed by viewers, and you can have people visit your website link in your signature. With consistent and valuable posting, you could be invited to become an administrator of the Forum. Becoming an administrator of a forum is extremely beneficial as you could drive lots of traffic to your website.


Article marketing is a powerful practice if executed correctly. The most important element of article marketing is quality. Your article must be well written and contain important facts that would interest users. You should update your website with content regularly, and explore other blogging platforms to provide your experience and advice to your readers.

Tip: Find out the different topics people search on Google through Google's Keyword Planner. This tool provides the number of monthly searches for specific keywords. Find these keywords and create interesting and informative articles. Make sure your article is longer than 600 words and contain impressive facts, this could result in reaching Page 1 of Google for long tail keywords.
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