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October 4, 2021

Different Types of Search Engines Online


This article will list the most popular search engines on the internet. Each search engine will be discussed in detail, so you know exactly how each one operates. 
Google's popularity has increased tenfold over the past few years. In a short time, they have moved from being beta tested to the Internet's largest web page index. Googlebot, their spider affectionately known as "Googlebot", crawls web pages and updates Google's index approximately once per month. was originally an academic search engine. Google has an excellent algorithm for ranking pages that are returned from search results. This is probably why it has grown to be so popular. Google uses several methods to determine the page rank of returned searches.
Yahoo for Yahoo!!!
Yahoo! Yahoo! is also one the biggest traffic generators, both in terms of web directories as well as search engines. It is however one of the most difficult sites to be listed in unless you pay to submit it. It doesn't mean you'll get listed even if you pay.
Yahoo! editors will review the URLs you submit. If approved, it will be added to the next index update.
Many people who have weblogs might have noticed a spider called a scooter" accessing their pages. Scooter was AltaVista’s robot. The scooter has been updated to a more modern version since February 2001. Whatever spider AltaVista chooses, it is the second-largest search engine on the internet today, after Google.

AltaVista will take several months to index your entire website. However, the scooter hasn’t been deep crawling as well in recent months. AltaVista, unlike Google, will only crawl and index one link deep. This means that it can take a lot of time to index your site, depending on how big it is. AltaVista pulls most of its search results from its index. However, they also pull the top five results for each search from Overture (formerly Goto).
Inktomi gained popularity several years ago when they powered the secondary search engine that drove Yahoo. Yahoo switched to Google backend and secondary search databases, but Inktomi remains as popular as ever.

They are called "Slurp", and various versions of Slurp crawl the web at different times throughout the month. Inktomi powers many search results. Inktomi has very little more. Slurp places a lot of emphasis on Title and Description tags and will not deep crawl sites. Slurp will only crawl pages submitted to its index.
Inktomi delivers results to many sites. These include America Online, MSN Hotbot, Looksmart, and About.
Lycos, which is next to Altavista or Yahoo, is the oldest search engine on the Internet. T-Rex, their spider crawls the internet and updates the Lycos Index from time to time. The FAST crawler also provides Lycos results.
Lycos does not weigh META tags heavily. Instead, it uses its ranking algorithm for ranking pages returned by results. Lycos ranks pages using several methods, including the URL, META title, and text headings. Lycos supports pages with Frame content. Any page with less than 75 words of content will not be indexed.
Excite has been on the internet for many years. Excite was more than a search engine. It used to be quite popular, but Google and other search engines took over. Excite has stopped accepting URL submissions and does not appear to be able to spider. To access the Excite search
Results, you must be listed with Overture and Inktomi.
A Looksmart listing could result in a lot of traffic to your website. Looksmart results are displayed in many search engines including AltaVista and MSN. CNN.
You have two options when submitting your site to Looksmart. You can submit your site directly to Zeal (Looksmart’s sister site), or you can pay a fee to get your site listed. If approved, either method will get your site listed on Looksmart or its partner sites.
After you submit your site and it has been approved for listing, it may take approximately 7 days for your website to be listed on Looksmart or its partner sites.
America Online has signed a multiyear agreement with Google for Web search results and associated ad-sponsored hyperlinks. This ends relationships with Overture Services, its pay-for-performance service, and Inktomi (its algorithmic search provider of almost three years). Now you can understand search engines better and can choose the right search engine for you. The key thing for every e-entrepreneur is Top Search Engine Ranking. It seems so simple, isn't it? Register with these search engines immediately to see your traffic grow.

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