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12 April 2019

Create Trust Marketing Your Website


Trust is the key element when it comes to online marketing. Your website may be ranked on the Top Positions on Google, but if the appearance of a website doesn’t create trust and provide a professional experience, you will lose out on business. This article is going to highlight several factors that you may add to your website in order to increase trust and promote conversions.



Every website should possess an SSL Certificate. Without it, you will have a text next to your URL stating “Not Secure”. This may scare away potential clients. SSL Certificates ensures safe transactions between clients and servers. Google have also announced that website that do not provide this safety measure, will lose SEO ranking points.


In order to create trust, you should add a picture of the business owner on your website. People like dealing with people, adding a picture of the owner gives web visitors a great sense of security. The picture should include the Full Name and Position of the owner, as well as a thoughtful Quote. The image should be placed on your Home and About Us Pages of your website.


Your website should list the Physical Address of your store. It should also contain a Google map for web visitors to get directions and visit your store. If you are a web based business and you do not have a physical store, you could use your Home Address. You should include your Map on your Home and Contact Us Pages of your website.


Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing in the world today. Having them on your website esnures visitors you offer value. We recommend having legitimate pictures and messages from happy customers on your Home page.


Professional and up-to-date websites ensure web visitors the company presented is successful as it keeps up with the technology requirements online. Old and outdated websites gives web visitors the sense that the company presented could be struggling financially.


Speaking directly to your web visitors through video media is extremely powerful. The video should be short and sweet, as well as contain important facts about what makes your business unique. If presented properly, your conversion rate will increase drastically.


Your website should include the most popular social media icons. Each icon must have an account associated with it, and the accounts need to be regularly updated with content. This will not only create trust but bring in new potential clients and increase your SEO position. Social Media profiles that have lots of friends and followers from legitimate accounts creates a big sense of trust.

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