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September 20, 2021

Building Backlinks The Correct Way


One of the essential parts of SEO is backlinks. A backlink is the means of having another website link back to your website. A backlink displays a vote of confidence and trust online. The more relevant the backlink, the more potent the link is in the eyes of Google.

1. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is just one way to get search engines to notice that you exist. If you want your website noticed, you should also consider obtaining links.

2. Your website offers a service to visitors. Links provide links to other sites which may be of interest to them. Even though the retail industry may want people to stay on their website, rather than go anywhere else, carefully selected links might be able to get them even more interested in what you have to offer. Sometimes you may need to think laterally.


There are both good and bad links in the eyes of search engines. Good links will help you rise the page rankings and get to the top of the listings. Bad links, however, will not be noticed and could lead to your site being listed lower.

- A good link is from a site with a high level of relevance to yours and a good rank on the page is a good link.

Bad links are those that originate from an obvious link farm and have no contextual links to your site.


Let's talk briefly about page rank before we move on. Google's page rank shows the importance of website pages by ranking them. The Google Toolbar, which can be obtained from for free, is a useful tool as it can display the page rank of any web page you are looking at. Page rank (or PR), is a number between 0 and 10. 0 is the starting point, while 10 is exceptional. 

Google does not disclose the algorithm for calculating PR, but the progression through the numbers will likely be on a logarithmic scale. That is, a site ranked 2 is much more important than a site ranked 1. Link building should include obtaining links from other sites that have a higher page ranking than your own. Good PR links will signal search engines that you are a site worth indexing. More links are better!


You should only link to sites with higher PR. If everyone did this, the chances of getting links for your embryonic website would be zero. Although a site might be at 0 today, it may still be ranking high and may offer you some insight into their efforts. Remember your human visitors! A site might be helpful to them, even though it is not useful for you. 

These are the golden rules:

- Try to get links from pages of high ranking.
- Link to any website that is of high relevance to you.

Consider sites that your visitors might find useful. If you have a specialized site, do you know of any national organizations that promote your hobby, sport, or industry? You can start by emailing these organizations and asking if you could have reciprocal connections with them.

This may seem a bit like a David and Goliath situation. Many people feel intimidated by their immature website. Although you might not receive a reply to your emails, it is possible to get a refusal to respond. However, you may find that a national organization with a high page ranking agrees to link to you. This is a great thing!


If someone agrees to have reciprocal links with you, make sure they link to your site.

Think about your customers and visitors. Even if big companies won't link to you, it might still be helpful to link to them on your site for their information. Remember that the goal of getting website visitors is not to draw search engine bots, but to keep customers and visitors loyal.
Now comes the hard part. You can now search the internet for websites that are similar to yours but not competitors. Keep an eye on Google Toolbar to see if there are any sites with a higher page rank than yours. Ideally, the websites you are searching for will be about 4 or 5. Higher ranking sites might be more friendly towards novice sites.

What about suppliers of goods and services? Can they be linked to yours? Customers? Think outside the box. If you have a site about sports, how about linking to a local photographer.


Sometimes, you can do great research without the computer. Trade magazines can be a great place to start. Write to any email addresses you have and request a reciprocal link. They may decide to create a link page even if they don't have one. Asking is always a good idea!


Check to see if they have a link page when you're looking at websites. You may find a form where you can submit your details to request inclusion on their links page. If they aren't looking for links, you may have to email them. If they don't have a category that is relevant to your site, don't worry. They can always add new categories. If you don't ask you don't get it! If you do ask - you may well succeed!

Don't worry about asking for reciprocal links by emailing - but make sure to put up the links that you have promised! You might need to think about the site you have. Some people don't like to see their link at end of long pages. Rotating banners can be a good idea to display more links but keep the page short. Non-relevant links should be restricted.
Show your knowledge if you are knowledgeable about the subject. Joining a forum is one of the best ways to get involved. Posting or answering a forum topic should include a signature that includes your website address. If forum members like what you've written, they may click the link to visit your website. And voila! More links are coming to your site. You may be able to showcase your site in a forum hosted by your hosting company. If so, you'll get lots of visitors. Beautiful links for search engines, and great fodder to the link spiders.


Writing articles is an effective way to build links and traffic. This area is less well-known, which means that many people don't know much about it.

You are likely to be an expert in your field or have valuable information that you can share with others. Write an article! Not sure if you can? Start with your website's content as a base. You may find that you already have the work done. Are you having trouble deciding on a topic? Think laterally again. What about a history article on candle-making? 

You can probably find something to write about if you think hard enough. Although you will need to do some research, articles can help increase your traffic and rank. You can also use them to create content for your site! Articles don't have to belong. Shorter articles are better. No more than 600-1000 words. Your article should be about your site.
There are many websites where you can publish your article. Your article can be used by other websites for free. However, they must include your author's details. Your article will be used by others to create links back to your site. The more sites that use it, the better! You can also submit your article to as many article sites as you wish. Ezine Articles is the largest, but any Google search will uncover many others.


This is not an easy task and it takes time. If your article isn't well-thought-out and contains new information, no one will use it. You should not make it boring. Article submission is an excellent way to improve your website's ranking in search engines and should not be overlooked. Articles are an important resource for Webmasters in another manner - free content to your site! Many sites offer information and advice on a wide range of topics. You can also find helpful tips and hints for optimizing your website by downloading free articles on web design.


You must include the author's bio as well as a link to their website if you are using an article. The benefit is that you have already created content, hopefully, keyword-rich, which will attract search engine bots like honey bees. Another way to build links is through webrings. Again, make sure you check the page rank for the webring that you join. Webrings provide links and can also be used to point your visitors to other sites of interest.

It's true, website design and publishing are a lot more difficult than you thought when you first created your homepage. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful website that you are proud of and then finding out you have no visitors. While you may not want to spend your entire time fine-tuning and adding new pages to your site, it is important to do so if you are serious about building a strong website link network.


It is best to set aside one day per week for your marketing activities. Both SEO and link building are very tedious. You should incorporate SEO in the design of your pages. You can also use one day per week to create links. Experienced developers in this field advise not to try to obtain hundreds of links in a very short time. This will make search engines suspicious again. Do not try to get hundreds of links in a short period - this will make search engines suspicious. Instead, aim for one quality link per month.


Website marketing isn't a sprint. It is more like running a marathon. While many will begin the race, many will be lost. You will succeed if you accept that it will take hard work, and continue to work until the end. You will eventually get a request from a well-ranked, reputable website asking for a reciprocal linking agreement. Although it may not be the end of the story, you can rest assured that this will provide you with a great buzz and let you know that all your hard work was worthwhile.

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