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July 6, 2021

Blogging Tips For Better SEO Rankings


Although I have written articles about search engine optimization on my blog, I felt it would be more beneficial to write about other aspects of SEO. I wanted to explore new ways to rank high on search engines.
You need to have targeted traffic from search engines like Google. Your blog must be prominently displayed in the top ten search engine results. You can also use tools to determine the rank for each keyword in your key phrase.


On-page and off-page optimization are the two main factors that affect search engine rankings for a blog. First, you need to use high-ranking keywords in your post (meaning it should be placed in the title or first paragraph), and second, off-page optimization is obtaining quality backlinks that point to your blog and its pages.

As I have previously stated, you can on-page optimize your blog.


Keywords: This is what search engines look for in the title tag of your post and the content when people type it into the search engine. The title of the page or content containing the exact phrase you searched for will be first shown in search engine results when you search.

Google has changed its algorithm on-page relevancy. It now requires that the title tag of your page or posts must be relevant to your title using a specific keyword. This means your title contains a keyword searched, and some of it can also be found in your posts.


Build a lot of one-way links. Since reciprocal and link-exchange links are no longer valid, it will clutter your site template. Google frowns on it. They said that one-way links are the best way to achieve page rank. But, I explained that since search engine rankings don't consider page rank much, you can get links to your posts from sites using a specific keyword.

This means that if you have many websites linking to your blog using a specific keyword in your title post or body post, your blog page will appear higher in search engine results.

Let's say that your blog post about niche fishing has thousands of links linking to it from the anchor text niche fish. Your page will appear on the first page of the search engine for that term. Don't rush to create links like these.

The search engine will look at all the links that point to a blog, especially if it is new or spammy. Your efforts will be wasted.


* Use the correct anchor text (ex. You can link to your post on other sites using one-way links with the proper anchor text (ex. It would be best if you had links from a variety of places (e.g., forums with different IP addresses, social networking sites not owned by one person (see what I mean).

* Don't use the same keyword or anchor text too often in your link-building efforts. Search engines will only be suspicious of one keyword that points to your blog post.

* You should create 8-10 links per day to your blog to prevent your blog post from being put in the Google Sandbox.

Although it is simple to get a backlink, it cannot be easy. You can submit your articles manually or rehash content taken from private label articles.

These are some article directories where you can submit articles:

You can also use an article submitter software to manually or automatically submit articles to over 300 article directories.

To avoid duplicate content issues, grab PLR articles and use Article Content Spinner to rewrite them.

Join forums. Sign up for platforms that permit user signatures. Your sig file should include the title of your blog as well as its link. Participate in forums and reply to or post on other members' posts. You will not be banned if you read the rules before posting.

The Forum Assistant Pro can be used to manage various forums in your account.

Although it is a minor method, comments on other blogs are prevalent. When commenting, you can use your blog title as your username. You must make sure that your remarks fit the posts. Otherwise, the blog owner will consider you spam.

These are my top tips for optimizing your blog via search engine optimization. Keep reading for more information on how to make money blogging.
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