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3 February 2018

Algorithm Updates


Most online marketing strategies depend on search engine optimization (SEO) to market their products and services. In fact there is a correlation between how you optimize your content and its visibility when searched. However, most entrepreneurs do not understand the functions of Google Algorithms Updates in the functioning of their websites. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to fathom the vital role played by this algorithm.

To start with, every year google tends to change its search algorithm. Though the changes are usually minor, at times there are significant updates of the algorithm. These changes have an immense influence on search results.
Second, marketers preparing a market strategy should not just concentrate on keywords in optimizing their content; rather, they should strive to know the Google update dates. This will play a vital role in understanding ranking changes, after which a crystal clear plan aimed at improving SEO can be prepared. A better understanding can be achieved by considering two Google Algorithms Updates that happened last year.


The Pigeon Update

Google pigeon is essentially a protocol enabling users entering localized searches to obtain pinpoint results. Was launched in the United States in July 2014 but latter rolled over to UK, Canada, and Australia.


First, map results and ranking were affected. In fact, they determined which businesses appeared on top search for localized search queries. Second, some business especially those far away from major cities, were adversely affected. They did not show up on searches. In other words, the Pigeon algorithm prioritized the local searches.

Panda Algorithms Updates

Panda came hard on some sites, more so those with poor quality content. They achieve their purpose by preventing such sites from getting themselves into the top list of search results. That said, it is crucial to know that Google made some changes and released a new version. Consequently, how Panda identifies sites changed.


Quality become an area of interest to have a place among top search results. In addition to that, Panda impacted on different languages to different levels. For instance, the impact on English searches is 7.5%.


It is clear that Google Algorithms Updates have a pivotal role in any website. Affecting a website’s ranking on the Google search list is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, business owners should be up to date with such updates should they want their websites to remain competitive. Knowledge about Google Algorithms Updates is indispensable, complying with these updates will ensure your sites ranking on page 1 of Google.
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