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13 May 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Adwords


Google Adwords is an advertising platform whereby companies pay for their advert to appear on Google's search engine for select keywords. The process works with individuals or businesses bidding for keywords to appear on Google. The highest bidder usually obtains the top positions on Google, however there are many factors which contribute to these high positions.

When a user clicks on an advert, the amount will not be more than the maximum bid specified by the business or individual. This article will list the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Adwords, as well as some useful tips to improve your Adword campaign.

Advantages of Google Adwords


Google Adwords is normally displayed on the top positions of Google with the organic rankings displayed beneath it. Having your website displayed on the top of Google searches shows value and creates trust to browsing users.


Google Adwords budget can be increased and decreased easily by specifying your daily budget. Google Ad campaigns can be paused by the click of a button without hassle or complications.


Google Adword campaigns can be lauched within one day of setting up, depeding on the number of products or services offered. The amazing attirbute of Google Adwords is the ability to drive targeted users to your website quickly.


Google Adword campaigns have given businesses the ability to target most countries in the world. With the different advertising platforms available, you have the capability of reaching 90% of internet users worldwide.


Google Ads have all types of advanced features, such as extensions, which allow adverts to be more visually eye catching, informative and engaging.


Google Ads can be displayed on specific days and times, as well as target specific areas, cities and regions. You may also target certain types of individuals based on their age, income and parental status.


Conversion Tracking is the process whereby Google records an action taken place on your advert or website. This recorded action can be a call, sale, inquiry or email. This feature measures the ROI of your campaign.

Disadvantages of Google Adwords


Googles price-per-click (per keyword) can be expensive for smaller businesses with limited budgets. This makes it difficult for small indutries to compete and grow.


Some competitors have been known for clicking on their rivals Ads to deplete their daily budget. You are required to install a special software to keep track of these fake clicks, which is an added expense to your business.


Large companies have the funds to bid the highest amounts and obtain the best positions on Google. The good news is high bids are not the only factor involved, so its possible to obtain top positions without having the highest bid.


As you can see, the positives outweigh the negatives with regards to Google Adwords. Every business in South Africa should take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Its much cheaper than tv and radio advertising, and provides much higher value for money.
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