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5 March 2019

5 WordPress Plugins For SEO


Yoast SEO Plugin is the Number 1 tool for optimizing your Website Content and Meta Data.


This amazing plugin allows you to optimize your web pages for keywords you would like to rank on Page 1 of Google. It's software analysis the number of times you have used your keywords on your web page and recommends the number of times you should mention your keywords in order to rank well on search engines.


It guides you on how to write Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions correctly. It recommends the number of words you should use in order to optimize your Meta Data and increase your SEO score.


Yoast SEO complies with all algorithm updates and implements the necessary checks to ensure your website does not contain duplicate content. Websites with duplicate content do not rank well on Google. It also provides readibility checks to calculate how well readers enagage with your content.


There are two versions of the plugin: Free and Paid. It is recommended you use the paid version of the plugin. There are many added features such as 24/7 support for 1 year which will be great for beginners on how to utilize the plugin properly. If you cannot budget for $89 per month, please use the Free version and complete tutorials online.


Google XML Sitemaps site assists Google in indexing your website more effectively. It helps crawlers understand the structure of your site and improves your SEO Score. Every website should have an XML sitemap installed.


Website downloading speed has become an important part of SEO. The longer your website takes to load, the lower your SEO score. W3 Total Cache improves your website speed and your user's overall experience when browsing your website.


Wordfence Security is the best Free WordPress security plugin. Its web application firewall protects your site from malware and brute force attacks. This software contains a malware scanner preventing malware code from being inserted into your site and prevents the number of times people attempt to login and capture your site. Website security has become an important part of SEO today. If your website has viruses, Google will remove your website from its position to protect its users from obtaining your virus. Make sure your website is protected at all times to retain your ranking position.


Broken link checker identifies broken links on your website and notifies you by sending error reports to your email. It scans several parts of your site such as your pages, blog posts and comments to find links that do not work. Google no do like broken links and this could negatively affect your SEO Score. It also notifies you of missing images and redirects.


Adding these listed plugins to your WordPress Website will greatly improve your SEO Score. Its important to remember not to add too many plugins as it can reduce your overall websites loading speed. You must also remember to configure the plugins correctly in order to utilize them in an SEO friendly manner.
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